In this day and age, children spend far too much time indoors in front of screens – whether it be the television, computer or mobile device. Encourage your children to play outdoors and rediscover their imagination with a cubby house from Country Cubbies.

The Outlook 6

Our goal is to get the kids back outside

Imagination, independence, creativity and confidence are a few reasons why purchasing a cubby house for your child is a worthwhile investment!

As a parent, you always want your children to be safe and happy, and indirectly contributing to the way they are continuously learning in their environment. Creating life long memories in the safety of your own backyard is a great alternative, and gives you a chance to free up some space around your home by moving some of their toys outside.

Our cubbies are designed to encourage active and free play outdoors in the fresh air. Keep your kids ‘unplugged’ by motivating them to get outside and use their imaginations. Our range is diverse to suit different family needs and our additional cubby accessories will kickstart your childs creativity and develop their social skills as they move through life.

Parents also benefit from their kids having their own independent space too. While your kids are preoccupied in their own personal and safe mini homes, there is nothing more recharging for a parent as a short break with a cuppa or book, while knowing your kids are safe and only a window-check away.

Safe, enjoyable, affordable



All our timber cubbies and forts are made in Australia using Australian materials purchased from local Australian suppliers. Our range is built to last and is all manufactured in our Pakenham warehouse.

Bring your Ideas to Life

Do you have an idea in mind but aren’t sure how to bring it to life? We can help! We do site inspections and with our team of experts we can help you design whatever your heart desires for your back yard.

Call us today for more information 03 5941 9100. 

WE BELIEVE in giving back to the community

We support the Starlight Children’s foundation, The Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation and the Make-A-Wish foundation.

Country Cubbies is committed to helping children and families in need. We donate to The Royal Children’s Hospital here in Melbourne every month. We decided to donate to the RCH as we felt a range of families and children will benefit from the donation, therefore all of our customers can feel responsible for donating a small portion of each Cubby sold to helping sick children in need.