• Model: VUL-LIFT-PRO12ft
  • Weight: (KG)
  • Default Color Woodland Grey 

$ 1,099.00 $1,199.00

Vuly Lift Pro Plus Free Shade Cover
While Vuly Lift Pro's innovatibe features may inspire duplicates, it's never beaten on aesthetics, design, bounce and quality.

Features Include:
- No contact Zones
- Soft and supportive terylene enclosure
- Double-galvanised, powder coated and heat treated stell tubing
- Dual-ringed, click-together frame
- Thick and reversible saftey pads
- Dual-layer spring system means a reliable and momentum-conserving bounce
- New, easy to open door that instantly seals shut
- Unique HexVexTM Game Mat

Trampoline width 431cm - Safety Net height 180cm - Mat width 373cm - Frame width 428cm - Mat height 91cm - Trampoline height 292cm

Vuly continues to set the standard in trampolines with Lift Pro. While its innovations may inspire duplicates, but it's never beaten on design, bounce and quality.

- Gentle Terylene net
Protect yourself in an enclosure that's also easy on the skin.
- Fast, one-way access
Get in and out through door that's easy to open, but quick to self-close.
- Ultra-fine for little digits
Keep hands and feet safe, with tight mesh that doesn't catch or tear.
- No spring contact
Forget spring or frame injuries; they're totally outside the contact area. 
- Premium frame finish
Protect against corrosion – with twice-dipped galvanisation, matte black powder coating and heat treatment.
- Two-tiered spring system
Boost momentum on springs that engage based on weight and that use tapered ends, thicker hooks and chromate conversion coating to prevent breakage. 
- UV-resistant safety padding
Keep safe with double-sided Bisonyl that won't fade or disintegrate. 
- Flip between Classic Blue and Cool Grey

Non-slip for added protection

- Connect the padding securely to the springs with strong, PVC loops.
Now with drainage holes.
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