Vuly Ladder

  • Model: Vuly-Ladder
  • Weight: (KG)

$ 69.00

Vuly Trampoline Ladder

1. A Great Look

Our trampoline features extra wide steps for ease, safety and style. Finished with rust proof paint, these ladder rungs make accessing your trampoline simple.

2. Safety First

The non-slip grip, extra-wide steps, clever low angle of access and specially engineered flat-top design make this ladder safe for everyone to use.


3. Easy Assembly

Assembly of the Vuly's trampoline ladder could not be any easier: just click together and attach it to your frame.

Watch the assembly video for further instructions.

4. Light Weight

It's not hard to move this ladder, due to its lightweight design. Restrict access to the trampoline at any time by simply moving the ladder away.

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