Vuly Anchor Kit

  • Model: Vuly-Anchor
  • Weight: (KG)

$ 39.00

1. A Better Way
Our Anchor Kit is much better than your average tent pegs in securing your trampoline during wild weather. With a curved bracket and corkscrew design, it'll withstand all conditions.

2. Clever Design
The Vuly Anchor Kit is strapless, and fits easily around the grooves of your trampoline. You'll only know it's there when everything else blows around and your trampoline stays in place.

3. The Perfect Fit
It doesn't matter if you have a Classic or Vuly2 trampoline, the Anchor Kit will fit like a glove. It may even fit other trampoline brands.

4. Easy to Attach
The simple spiral design makes it easy to secure your trampoline with a quick twist.

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