Custom Jumbo Fort

  • Model: custom-jumbo
  • Weight: 300 (KG)

$ 3,199.00

This Jumbo Fort was custom made for a soil company so the kids have an area to play and keep them active and amused while their parents shop and look through their display! It was built so it could sit nicely against the wall, with a set of steps, rockwall, sandpit and the all new tornado slide. Giving the kids something to do so you can engage effectively with potential customers. 
Our forts can be contructed and manipulated in any which way you desire. And made to suit you, your company and the surroundings. Give the children a playground that best suits you, the only problem you will have is getting them home! 
2.4m x 1.8m x 3.7m high
-  Ask us about our NO INTEREST EVER take home lay-by
- 12 Week Lay-by
- Eftpos
- Cash
Make your children's playtime exactly what they want! Give them a cubby or fort that is truely theirs and something they will never tire of. Even if you think it isn't possible, ask, because we make the impossible, possible!

The craftsmanship is top quality, so the memories for you and your children can be passed on to your grandchildren and even your childrens grandchildren. The quality will last generations and generations! Already sounds great? We have extras! Accessories can be purchased alongside your wonderful play house, to keep your children amused and entertained for hours. 

Country Cubbies will deliver & install your new cubby or fort so you don't even have to get your hands dirty! Please email or phone for a quote.

We recommend that your new purchase be stained or painted straight away, to avoid shrinkage & aging.

All our cubbies are in stock & ready for pick up same day, Subject to roof colour.

Lay-by available

Elevation Kit 1.2m

Code: CCA2
Weight:  100 (KG)
$ 350.00

Elevation Kit 1.5m

Code: CCA3
Weight:  120 (KG)
$ 450.00

2.5m Wave Slide

Code: CCA4
Weight:  7 (KG)
$ 400.00


Code: Servery
Weight:  15 (KG)
$ 210.00

3.2m Wave Slide

Code: sl32
Weight:  100 (KG)
$ 350.00


Code: bin
Weight:  100 (KG)
$ 19.00


Code: periscope
Weight:  10 (KG)
$ 18.00

Ships Steering Wheel

Code: ship steer wheel
Weight:  10 (KG)
$ 39.00


Code: telescope
Weight:  10 (KG)
$ 22.00

Steering Wheel

Code: steer-wheel
Weight:  10 (KG)
$ 23.00

Basketball Hoop

Code: bball-hopp
Weight:  10 (KG)
$ 39.50

Tic Tac Toe

Code: tic-tac-toe
Weight:  10 (KG)
$ 349.00

Tornado Slide

Code: Tornado-Slide
Weight:  100 (KG)
$ 1,400.00
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Customer Reviews

I live in NSW, there are no decently cubby companies in our area. I am so glad that i came across Country Cubbies, the price of our fort was great and they even organised the freight to my door, i didnt have to do anything! Thanks guys - Melinda R


Melinda R 07/May/2014

Thank you to the starlight foundation and to country cubbies for granting Astons wish. After spending 9 months at the RCH last year ( 5 months in isolation ) Aston now spends most of his time outside. And now he has an even better reason to be in the backyard. Thanks again to everyone involved. - Chrissy C


Chrissy C 11/Nov/2013

Staff were very helpful and accommodating with customising the Jumbo Fort to meed our needs. Also very helpful in helping us to find the most affordable freight option to Toowoomba Qld. Not too difficult to put together with help of excellent video instructions - needed 3 people for the roof though! Did need to give it a bit of a sand on the inside prior to staining/painting but that was personal preference not a necessity. We are very happy with the end result and the kids love it. - Victoria


- 28/Oct/2013