Outdoor Mud Kitchen

  • Model: Outdoor Mud Kitchen
  • Weight: 50 (KG)
  • Default Color Woodland Grey 

$ 499.00

Our Mud Kitchens are the perfect addtion to any backyard, school or childcare centre, we strongly believe that where young children and thinkers have opportunities to explore, learn and play, magic happens! 
  • Recycled Sink (Please note - sizing/style varies depending on availability)
  • Hooks 
  • Shelf 
  • Handles 
  • Quality Timber 
Our mud kicthens are made from the same great quality products as our cubby houses. A new mud kitchen will be the perfect additon to your backyard, it can go along side our cubbies or stand alone. Each kitchen is made to order.

It's natural for children to recreate the world they live in every day, cooking is something they see adults doing daily therefore a new outdoor kitchen will give them the perfect space to prepare their own food using all natural ingredients from the outdoors. A sand/tanbark sandwich sounds delicious! 

I have fond memories as a child making mud pies and serving my delicous treats to my parents. Our range of kitchens will give them the perfect setting to cook up a storm.

Our Mud Kitchens are made to order and may vary on size depending on what sinks we can source. The timber will grey off over a year so to protect the timber we suggest staining or painting within a few weeks of purchasing.

Please note - Accessories not included.
- Eftpos
- Cash
- Credit Card
- Interest Free ($1000 min spend)
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