The Country Fort

  • Model: Cou-Fort
  • Weight: 400 (KG)
  • Default Color Woodland Grey 

$ 2,499.00

  • 1.2 elevation
  • 2.5m Plastic Wave Slide (Please note fibreglass is an optional extra)
  • Scramble net
  • Rockwall
  • Steering wheel 
  • Binoculars
  • Steps
  • Your choice of roof colour 
1800mm x 1800mm x 3400mm high (incl 1200mm elev)
-  Ask us about our NO INTEREST EVER take home lay-by
- 12 Week Lay-by
- Eftpos
- Cash

The Country Fort captures the imagination of every child, where the possibilities for your children and their closest friends are endless. The Country Fort is a mini playground for your children and can be built to your needs and desires, with many different options available! Your kids will be out of the house and out of your hair in no time, giving them the chance to keep their mind active and imaginations growing. 

We can customize your cubby or fort,  so you can make your kids new playground exactly how you want it. Ideas can include solid sides for privacy, extra 1.5 elevation instead of the 1.2, or add any extras your heart desires! We can make it work in with your environment, or available space. Anything you want, please dont hesitate to call!

All of our Forts have ample internal room so adults can stand up comfortably and children have plenty of room for their activities and adventures. 

 The craftsmanship is top quality so you can be satisfied you, your children and your grandchildren will have everlasting memories.

* We also have many extras and accessories, which can be purchased alongside this wonderful playhouse, to keep your children entertained and amused for hours. Come in and see us, or check out the accessories section for all the different things we have to enhance your child’s new Cubby and Fort.

Instructions and all the bits & pieces you need to put your fort up, are supplied.
We can also deliver and install your new fort (within 100klm radius of Pakenham) if the man of the house is too busy or not that handy! Just call or email for a quote, or we have an extensive display, where you can see the different cubbies & forts we manufacture, so come in and talk to our friendly staff!

We recommend that your new purchase be stained or painted straight away, to avoid shrinkage & aging.

All our cubbies and forts are in stock & ready for pick up same day.subject to roof colour.


Take home (No Interest Ever) Lay-by available

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Customer Reviews

Thank you to ebony at country cubbies she went above and beyond to meet my needs and give advice on all there products and nothing was ever a problem, I purchased a couple of things and ebony made the whole process quick and easy, I'd highly recommend country cubbies to my family and friends and will defiantly be buying from them in the future. Thanks again ebony and the team at country cubbies � p.s I cannot wait to see my children's faces on Christmas Day all thanks to country cubbies �


Nicole Nowlan 05/Sep/2017

Dear Ebony and everyone at Country Cubbies,
Steve and I are finding it hard to find the right words to express our gratitude for extraordinary outpouring of love and support shown to our family in the incredible backyard blitz that occurred at our house last weekend. We feel extremely blessed to be a part of such a wonderful and caring community and for that we will be eternally grateful.
The extent of everyone's generosity is truly overwhelming to us. From all those who gave very generous financial donations, to all the businesses that donated materials and/or labour and of course to everyone that came out on the actual weekend armed with shovels, paintbrushes, hammers, food, etc.
We are particularly grateful to you for the kids gorgeous cubbie with which they are besotted. David will tell random strangers in the street about the new slide in the backyard and there is still a sense of surreality about the fact that it is their and they get to keep it!  
While the words don't seem adequate I thought maybe I would try to describe how it has affected our family in an attempt to show you have you have all done for us. Childhood cancer is a long and difficult battle and David has done it tough over the last couple of years. His fight means long periods of time in hospital where there is no resemblance to the things that most kids get to do, like running around and playing. Instead his reality involves numerous painful procedures, lots and lots of needles and alot of time stuck in bed. All of that being said - if you could have only seen the look on his face last weekend when he was able to go outside ALL day on Saturday and run around and play on "his slide", it was one of pure happiness and joy. While we never want to underestimate the enormous financial cost of what was achieved here over that weekend, what you have given us is actually priceless. Each and everyone that contributed to this amazing event has made our children the happiest that they have been in a very long time - how do we possibly repay people for that!!

With much love from our family
Kate and Steve Johnson xx  


Kate and Steve Johnson 10/Sep/2014