Vuly 360 Ring Swing for Quest

Vuly 360 Ring Swing for Quest


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Sit back and spin 360°.

Comfortable playtime

Unwind on a plush halfpipe cushion and pillow combo that’s ready for a good chill out session.

Premium construction

Made from the same twice galvanised steel as every Vuly frame, and featuring the deluxe powder-coating found on all high-end Vuly products – the Ring Swing is designed to last (and look great doing it).

Two-in-one fun

Get the best of both relaxation and play. The remarkable Ring Swing provides both the perfect place to get comfortable and read a book and spin like crazy when the mood strikes!


Ring Swing must not be attached to a single swing bay. It must only be attached to a bay with capacity for 2 or more swings side by side.

Max User Weight: 65kg

*Compatible with Quest.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg


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