Let’s face it, a cubby house is every kid’s dream and a bit of fun for mum and dad, so after investing in a cubby for your kids you will want to make sure they get years of entertainment out of their new play space. A cubby is toy heaven and a place where so many precious memories are made.

Here’s a few little tips and tricks on getting your little ones settled and ready for fun!

Invest in good quality durable furniture
There is nothing worse than sitting down for a tea party to find out that your chair has a broken leg or making some dinner and having the kitchen draw fall on your toes, so always ensure you purchase furniture that is solid and treated for outdoor use, even if the furniture doesn’t see the sun light you will thank me later. At the end of the day, kiddies can be rough. Table and chairs can encourage arts and craft but they also make the perfect dining spot. (Check out our website for our range of furniture)

It’s a given, the cubby will become the kids new place to consume snacks with their friends so we recommend durable tableware. You want to purchase cups, plates, spoons and bowls that are stain resistant and hardy to avoid any breakages. (Kmart have a huge range)

Toys and Storage
Yahoooo, did we mention that a cubby house doubles as a play room? This means you can finally shift half the toys outside! We recommend leaving all soft toys inside and grabbing a couple of storage boxes for the rest, they look funky and are so practical.

Like any flooring whether it be inside your house or the cubby it must be able to withstand the weather and kids running in and out with shoes. When you purchase any type of flooring make sure that it is UV treated, spill resistant and most importantly mild resistant, the last thing you want is mould growing in your gorgeous new cubby! Flooring is practical and also very stylish.

If you want your cubby to be that little bit extra you can also painting the internal and external walls, we always recommend purchasing paint that is good quality and that will withstand all weather conditions. All paint must be exterior quality and all the walls will need a base coat to make sure you have the perfect coverage. (If painting isn’t your thing that’s okay, we have it covered)

Happy Styling 💙