Things you should consider before purchasing a cubby house

Most of the Australian parents won’t send their children outside to play, as there are chances that they may indulge in fights. To overcome this backdrop, they think to purchase a sturdy wooden cubby house for their young ones. A home where kids can stay safe; where they can play, learn, eat and sleep with their friends.

But, there are some of the important things which you must consider before purchasing a cubby house.


Safety is the main concern of all parents, which empower them to purchase strong wooden cubby houses for their kids. Cubby houses help children to learn new and exciting things. At the same time, develop their strength, flexibility and physical coordination.

The best part of cubby houses that they are made up of strong Australian timber which is healthy, elegant and free from toxic and arsenic chemicals. Timber cubbies are the best option for your kids as they are strong and eco-friendly. Make sure that you are keeping the cubby houses inside the fence so that no animal would get inside. And ask kids to decorate the cubby with their artistic skills.


The cubby houses come in a kit which can easily be assembled with the giving instruction. Some companies deliver cubby house in an install form with an attractive landscaping dimension – as per the garden area. You can choose any design and colour of the houses for your kids.

Some companies also built cubby houses on demands. Make sure you are having the entire wish list of your child. Most of the cubby houses come with nature finish touch, but you may stain it to keep the design fresh and elegant for many years. Many cubby houses come with the letter box. So, don’t forget to leave a sweet love message for your kids.

Some additional features which you can add yourselves in the cubby house such as kids playground equipment, doctor kitchen kit and much more. Or, give some colour and drawing sheets to children and ask them to show their creativity or ideas.

Wooden Vs Plastic

There are many kid’s cubby houses in the market, from plastic to wood, from simple to sophisticated design, cubbies that sit on the ground to elevated ones. But if you want to keep your cubby house strong and fresh for many years then prefer only wooden cubby house. The wooden cubby houses are better, from both environmental and economic point. Their colour won’t fade and gives a homely look. Whereas, the Plastic Cubby houses become dirty very quickly.

The best part of purchasing wooden cubby houses is that you can paint them with any colour and will suits kids from toddlers to early teens.

Most importantly, consider a company who built cubby houses with only Australian Timber and is free from toxic chemicals which are safe for kids and pets. Also, it is environment-friendly.

Choosing the right company

Budget is the first thing that you should consider. Don’t do hurry while purchasing a cubby house of your kid’s dream. It is recommended to consult as many companies as you can.  Choose a company that suits your requirements. A company whose services are better; who are there to help you with any inconvenience.  The company who’s serving their services for many years.

Moreover, you can also build cubby houses just by watching some YouTube videos. For more help and understanding, you can also visit the DIY store where they will guide you about how to build a cubby house and which tools and equipment you should use? Come on! Parents show some creative DIY skills to your kids.

Well, these are some of the important points which you should consider before purchasing the cubby houses for your kids.

Benefits of Cubby House for kids

Boost up their strength    

Today’s young generation likes to sit in front of TV or computer for watching movies, cartoons and for playing e-games.

Kids who play outdoor games are more physically fit than children who stay indoors as they are getting an appropriate level of fresh air. Parents who care for their children health should know about the importance of outdoor games. Playing outside can help to improve your child endurance, makes them fit and in turn, it reduces the risk of serious illness. Watching TV videos regularly can cause eye side problems. In a recent survey, it’s found out that the children who watch TV more often are overweight and even they are not able to sleep properly.

Playing outside always helps to boost up your strength. But, if you want that your kid can be smarter and fit side by side then the cubby houses is the perfect option. Cubby houses help the child to show the imaginative world, reduces mental stress and boost up their physical strength. It even looks good in the backyard of your house.


It’s important to make our children self-sufficient. Cubby houses help us by giving them a sense of the ownership as they can be capable enough to make their decision by their choice. Cubby house provides them private space where they can get their friends to play and enhance their creativity. It’s like preparing them for future action.

Inexpressible bound of friendship

Nowadays, we cannot imagine our life without friends. They help us in each task and without them our day is incomplete. I still remember that day, when I was a kid, I just want to play with my friends all day without any tension of homework or anything. Good friends also help to develop the social, emotional skill. Parents must encourage their kids to make friends.

Connect with nature

Cubby houses is a good source for connecting your kids with nature. Children nowadays are already smart enough to understand what daily activities to carry on and what not too. Cubby houses help to be close to nature and give a chance for exploring the nature with their friends and parents which should also actively take part.

If you want to spend quality time with your children then going for cubby house is a good idea. A place where you can have a word with your kids about their friends and ask them what’s going on in their life and be a best friend of your kids.

5 Steps to play safe outside in Summer & Spring

Summer and Spring are the most awaited season for the Australians. It is the best time for them to go outside, have fun with kids and enjoy the lovely sunshine. Going outside with your children helps them to learn many good things like leadership, sportsmanship and more. But, there are few things that parents need to take care to keep their kids safe and have a happy experience in summer play.  

Comfortable Clothing with Hat:

Most of the kids are used to follow “no hat, no play” rule from daycare, kindergarten and school. So, buy a hat for your kid with a broad rim and apply some creams over the neck as well. Well, this rule should be applied to everyone.

Your kid’s clothing should be comfortable, rather than a strappy dress or tank top.

Go out either early or late:

Morning and evening are the prime time to play. Ask your kids to go out early in the morning and enjoy cooler temperature.

Also, make them learn that early to bed and early to rise.

Keep them shaded:

Avoid taking the young ones under the sunlight, keep them under the shade. Therefore, the cubby houses are perfect for the young ones and healthy infants. The kids can carry various activates in them such as drawing, decorating, cooking and learning new DIY techniques.

The cubby houses are made up of Solasafe Polycarbonate roofing – it’s brilliant because it provides 99.9% protection from harmful UV Rays and provides outstanding heat reducing properties with metallic particle heat-reflecting technology.


Sunburn is common amongst the Australian. So, don’t forget to apply sunscreen on your kids and yourself, 30 minutes before going out. Sunburn may damage the skin and leave rashes. That’s why it is advisable to keep the sunscreen every time in your bag.

Keep Hydrate:

Drink much! Keep fluids with you all the time. Water is essential and one of the best hydrating agent. Or you can enjoy the sprinkle action too. It is the best thing that Aussie loves about the summer.

Go out and enjoy.

How to maintain A Cubby House?

Whether you are planning to buy a cubby house or you already own it, there are some important things that you should know about how to maintain cubby houses so that it may last for many years.

  •    Timber and wooden cubby houses stay longer and can withstand all the climatic conditions such as rain or heat. These cubby houses are made from the exceptional Australian Timber. That is the reason they are preferred over the plastic cubby houses.
  •    Maintenance is must to keep your belongings fresh and vigorous. You may maintain the cubby houses in tip-top position by cleaning. Also, oiling and painting are essential to retain the wood durability.
  •    Dusting out and spraying on bugs on a regular time basis is essential to keep your cubby house intact. You may use the Mortein Naturgard Crawling Insect Killer product, as it contains 90% natural ingredients and 0.1% synthetic actives. It is odourless, eco-friendly and durable.
  •    To keep the cubby houses substantial for many years, it is essential to keep them fungus free. Use natural ingredients for the treatment to safeguard your cubby houses against these issues.
  •    If your cubby houses have gaps in the decking, then regular weed is a must, as it keeps the grass runners at bay. Just remember differences must be wide enough for water drainage.
  •    Regular cleaning of cubby houses keeps them looking fresh and beautiful. After all, your kids spent most of the time in playing with cubby houses. Keep all the essential stuff of your children in cubby houses and ask them to decorate the cubby with their ideas and imagination. Meanwhile, you can plan a family get together in the cubby house.

Well, high-quality wooden cubby houses don’t require much maintenance, but a little progress every day adds to a significant result.

Top Five Cubby Houses to choose from

There is a wide range of cubby houses to select from, there are different-different design and add-ons that you get while purchasing the cubby house. Below are the top trending top five cubby houses that will entice you with their feature and after seeing this you won’t be able to stop yourself from purchasing them. If you are going to buy a cubby house for your kid then having a glance over this article will help you to get the perfect one for your child.

• The Country Manor
Country Manor is the supreme class cubby houses that we offer. It consists quality of all the things altogether. This type of cubby houses changes the definition that cubby houses are only made for the kid’s but the cubby houses like this is for all age group. It can be the best thing one could gift to their child. This can be the picture perfect place for your growing up kids due to its mind-boggling features. We provide you with the option to select the color by your own in order to enhance your backyard grace. In this you will get two sliding window, a rock wall for climbing, a server, skylight area over the roof, slide, steps, adjustable basketball hoop and a wide veranda.

• The Butler Boys
The Butlers boys is another top notch product in the offered league of cubby houses. This fancy cubby house is customizable according to your needs. You can either customise for two kids or for single. It will come up with the classic wooden i.e., timber color. In this, you can select the add-ons that need in your cubby house. For this, you can also add slide, skywall, Rockwall, stairs and basketball hoop.

• The Brunswick
The Brunswick is the little cutesy package in the fleet of our cubby houses. The Brunswick is the perfect cubby house that every little princess has the dream of spending enjoyable moments with their friend and siblings. This beautiful cottage accommodates adults comfortably, and children can do them any activities inside this beautiful cubby house cottage. This little cutesy come up with fully painted weatherboards, sliding windows, customizable roof color and standard skylight. So to fulfil your little princess wish the Brunswick can be the best option to go for.

• Country Cottage
Crafted for both the girls and boys, this is great value for money package where your kids can make their childhood memories. The roof color of the country cottage can be set according to your wish, and many other customizations can also be done in it. As standard, it comes up with two sliding windows, door and front pickets, skylight, letter box veranda of standard size. Further, if you and your kids want to upgrade it with some accessories that can also be done by selecting the customizable item, which can get fit perfectly. Further customization can also enhance adventures and adds more fun in your child life.

• The Country Cabin
If you don’t have enough space in your backyard than the country cabin is the best option for your backyard. With this, you can still provide their own safe and private space, where they can have fun of their childhood. As standard equipment, you get two sliding windows, skylight, two planter box, letter box and customizable roof option. You can also upgrade it selecting various accessories for cubby houses to decorate them to groom up it grace.

Preventing your children from Tech Addiction

During the earlier part of the 20th century, people’s routine consisted of going to work, coming back and engage in outdoor activities with friends, family and their children. Kids couldn’t wait to come back from their schools and would rush outside to play. Parents would literally have to drag their kids back home to have their meals on time. Kids would wake up each morning eager to go out and get in touch with their outside world. Such Lifestyle was extremely beneficial for physical as well as t mental development of the kids. The physical exertion used to keep the body fit while the mental aspects of creativity, intelligence and altruistic qualities like Team coordination, sportsmanship used to be severely incorporated into the minds of young children.


However with the advent and rise of modern gadgets like cell phones, tablets, game consoles, kids are getting more and more withdrawn from the touch of Mother Nature. Such sedentary lifestyle is now creating a damaging effect on their body as well as their mind.

The Sun is a vital source for obtaining Vitamin D. Vitamin D helps to maintain elasticity of skin and helps to keep immune system intact. The outdoor fresh supply of oxygen cannot be obtained by sitting inside the house all day long. Fresh oxygen is needed for a physically thriving body.

Without sufficient physical exertion, fat gets deposited in the body thereby making it less agile. But the most concerning fact is the rise of death in young people due to cardiac arrest. The primary reason for such death is a sedentary lifestyle, which includes sitting all day long, playing video games, watching television, the exact kind of lifestyle that most people are following today in their day to day life. So there definitely exists a need to create an urge amongst people to follow a healthy lifestyle.


One such way for kids is Cubby Houses. They are a unique way to make the kids enjoy some outdoor activity. With cubby houses, kids get ample amount of space and time to follow their imaginations and play fun games. With different shapes and sizes of Cubby houses, kids can easily play their favorite games like Hide and Seek.

Parents also get a peace of mind when their kids are out and playing in a safe and healthy environment. With so many responsibilities on them, with the help of cubby houses they can feel relax that their kids are spending time located near their own house rather than them having to go far away to play and with Cubby houses, kids are free to exercise their creativity and imagination in an outdoor environment rich of fresh oxygen and ample sunlight.

Cubby houses provide plethoric amounts of benefits, especially for young children. Most importantly, it entices the kids to utilise some physical exertion of their body in an outdoor environment.


During their free time, kids can also climb onto the cubby houses and get a feel of Picnic like scenario. Kids can also team up with their friends which allow them to spend time with each other and to learn about emotions, sympathy towards others, team spirit and other things which play a vital role in their adult stages of life.

They can be customised into various shapes and requires only a little ground space. A moderate size cubby house installed on a decent sized lawn will provide sufficient space for kids to fulfil their fun activities and enjoy outdoor environment. Mother Nature provides all vital elements for kids overall development and cubby houses provide an excellent way to stay in touch with it. In order to purchase finest in class cubby house visit at Country Cubbies now!